Are you a Squirrel, Gopher or Vulture??

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.
RICHMOND, Va (Wireless Flash) -- Here's something to chew on: Most Americans either snack like squirrels, vultures or gophers.

According to a new study conducted by the American Association of Working People, 89 percent of working men and women snack during their shift, and most chew in three different styles.

Thirty-six percent are "Squirrels" who stash away snacks to last throughout the day and 25 percent are "Gophers" who run to the snack machine for themselves and others.

Finally, 11 percent are "Vultures" who grab leftover snacks lying around the office.

By the way, the time for a snack break often depends on your gender. Men prefer to snack around mid-morning while women like to chow down in the afternoon.

Mars Approach Will Spawn Record Number Of Alien Hybrid Babies

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Mars is closer to the Earth than it has been in 60,000 years -- in more ways than one.
According to alien expert Andy Reiss, the Mars approach is going to lead to a record baby boom of half-Martian, half-human offspring.

Reiss claims the number of so-called "hybrid babies" always increases when Mars passes close by the Earth and predicts this time around, 5 to 7 percent of all births on Earth will be E.T. hybrids.

But don't go looking for little green men in your bedrooms, ladies. Reiss says although Martians are really attracted to Earth girls, they often impregnate them telepathically using their minds, not their bodies.

It's certainly not the same as procreation between humans, but Reiss says most hybrids are the result of this sort of "spiritual impregnation."

He says women may find themselves with a Martian bun in the oven after having vivid dreams of sex with an alien.

El Paso-America's Sweatiest City

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Consumer products maker Procter & Gamble Co. has learned the hard way how to alienate a city -- dub it the sweatiest in the country.

Residents of El Paso, Texas, including the city's mayor, said a new study by P&G product Old Spice deodorant calling it the sweatiest U.S. city is all wet. The annual study published Tuesday said the average El Paso resident produced more than 36 fluid ounces of sweat per hour on a typical summer day. But Friday P&G said the study had been wrong in saying the city's average humidity was 70 percent, and that instead it was a much drier 36 percent.

"One can only hope P&G uses more care with figures when coming up with formulas for its products," the El Paso Times said in an editorial Friday.

"We enjoy over 300 sunny days a year with a very dry, temperate climate," said El Paso Mayor Joe Wardy, who is donating to charity what P&G said it is giving him for his city's dubious honor -- a year's supply of antiperspirant. "We were recently ranked as one of the seven best cities to retire in. Every one here knows that this publicity stunt is not based on good science."

P&G spokesman Brent Miller said accurate data were used to get the sweat rankings and El Paso was still tops.

"El Paso is a great city and we're not detracting from that," Miller said. "Sweating is something that people do to stay cool."

Mother uses trident in ritual killing

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

From AFP
June 10, 2004
AN Indian villager speared her nine-year-old son to death with a trident in a suspected black magic ritual seeking to ease her impoverished family's troubles, police said Wednesday.

Bidyulata Swain, 40, repeatedly stabbed her son Satyanarayan when her husband and elder son were away from home Tuesday in Jarakapada in the eastern state of Orissa, police said.

"It looks like a case of mistaken belief in black magic, that she believed the death of her son might change a bad patch for the family," said D.K. Das, a police official in the town 230km north of Orissa's capital Bhubaneswar.

He said Swain's husband was in poor health and in financial ruin after he had closed his small construction workshop.

Swain killed her child with a trident known as a trishul, the weapon of the Hindu god of destruction Shiva.

Human sacrifices are reported periodically in rural India where many people put faith in the occult.

Trucker Attacked by Bees!

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

BOZEMAN, Montana: About 9 million angry bees were released yesterday when a semi-trailer carring hundreds of hives overturned on a US highway.

The bees buzzed furiously as driver Lane Miller, his arm cut to the bone, struggled to flee his rig after it crashed in Bear Trap Canyon, west of Bozeman, Montana.

The truck slid across the highway before coming to a stop between guardrails.

"I had to kick the windshield out of the front of the cab and the bees were on me from that moment," Mr Miller, 41, said. "I've never felt so much fear in my life."

Mr Miller was eventually picked up by a passing motorist, who took him to hospital where he underwent surgery on his arm and treatment for multiple bee stings.

House-sized' meteorite hits Australia

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

House-sized' meteorite hits Australia

From news.com.au staff and AAP
June 17, 2004
A METEORITE reportedly the size of a house fell on the NSW south coast overnight, exploding in a bright flash, police have said.

A driver on the Hume Highway shortly after 9pm (AEST) near Menangle reported an object the size of a house falling from the sky.

The object fell east of the Hume Highway, possibly in an escarpment near the top of a hill at Bulli, police were told.

The meteorite was described as glowing silver in colour and similar to an artillery shell when it exploded with a bright flash on impact.

Workers at the Sydney Airport Tower said they saw a meteorite about 9pm, police said.

No other reports were received by police and extensive police patrols of the area for more than an hour did not turn up the space debris.

"We went out to check if it was something bad, like a plane," said a police spokesman.

"However we didn't find anything - there was no bloody great rock sitting in the middle of the highway, anyway".

Police intend on talking to the original witness again later today in an effort to pinpoint the impact site, but admit that unless someone literally stumbles over the meteorite, the chances of finding it are slim.