Trucker Attacked by Bees!

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

BOZEMAN, Montana: About 9 million angry bees were released yesterday when a semi-trailer carring hundreds of hives overturned on a US highway.

The bees buzzed furiously as driver Lane Miller, his arm cut to the bone, struggled to flee his rig after it crashed in Bear Trap Canyon, west of Bozeman, Montana.

The truck slid across the highway before coming to a stop between guardrails.

"I had to kick the windshield out of the front of the cab and the bees were on me from that moment," Mr Miller, 41, said. "I've never felt so much fear in my life."

Mr Miller was eventually picked up by a passing motorist, who took him to hospital where he underwent surgery on his arm and treatment for multiple bee stings.


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