Student Auctions Virginity

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His Website is here.

Student auctions virginity

A Bournemouth University student is auctioning his virginity on his personal website and has put a reserve of £6,000 on it.

David Vardy, 19, got the idea from Rosie Reid's sex auction in March and has received scores of emails from women around the world.

David first advertised on eBay, but they pulled the ad after 7,000 hits because of its sexual content. Now he's posted the ad on his own site.

He has already received eight firm offers, with the top bid at £6,114. If his sale is successful he plans to give £1,000 to charity, says The Sun.

David, who lists his interests as entertainment, the media, computers and money, says he is just hoping the winner is attractive.

He said: "I've never had a serious girlfriend and have never had sex. I have been wrapped up in multi-media projects since I was a teenager so I haven't had time. But saying that, I don't want to sound a geek.

"The ideal situation would be if it was a really nice woman. I hope it will be enjoyable."


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