Maggots ARE TOO Edible!

Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

A shopper who complained to a supermarket after finding maggots in her tinned tomatoes was told the grubs are eaten in some countries.
Angela Farr, from Crewe, was having her lunch when she sliced into a tomato to find the maggots.

The 38-year-old said she instantly felt sick and that she suffered from an upset stomach for five days.

When she complained to Morrisons, where she had bought the 11p can of tomatoes, Mrs Farr received a letter from the company's loss adjustors telling her maggots are edible.

'Not poisonous'

The letter read: "We do not believe that any ingestion of the maggots would cause food poisoning and certainly not for five days.

"We do not believe the maggots would have been poisonous and they are indeed eaten in some countries.

"Your illness could have been caused by other sources, such as an airborne virus."
£10 voucher

Mrs Farr had returned the tin to the store where she was refunded the price of the tomatoes and offered a £10 voucher.

A spokesman for Morrisons said: "We are extremely disappointed in the way this complaint was handled by our loss adjustors and we will be contacting Mrs Farr to make amends.

"Again, we would like to apologise to the customer."

I found this in a recipe on the web for boiled maggots!

"All I ever do is boil them, thoroughly. Sometimes I get a little white foam on the top of the boiling water, This stuff has an interesting odor. If you want to taste it, it's good to have a cold. Either way, the flavor of the foam isn't bad though I prefer to skim it off. The dogs love it! Usually the maggots I collect are from range cattle who've died over the winter. In addition to the maggots I often find the carcass's contain good material for other uses...


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