Freakish things and people are plentiful--all over the world.

~1. One of my favorite things to do is to go storm watching.
~2. I discovered the best time to go to the beach is right after a rain storm because the best shells and sea life wash up on the beach.
~3. Gary Brana-Shute is the professor I admired the most during my college career. He was a great man and will be missed, but never, ever forgotten.
~4. The most mysterious gift I ever got was a gourd filled with the soul of a dead fisherman given to me by Gary Brana-Shute.
~5. My favorite author is Stephen King.
~6. NPR is my favorite radii station to listen to due to great programming.
~7. The music I love the most to listen to is Celtic, Jazz and Classical.
~8. I have no idea what "my milkshake is the best in the yard and they'r like it's better than yours" MEANS??!!!???!
~9. I love sushi and when I was pregnant, I had sushi cravings for a week and satisfied them by eating sushi for 4 days in a row for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
~10. I am a cat person! MEOW!
~10. When I am down the things that cheer me up are a good English drama(public television) or watching The Color Purple.

~11. I have only been scuba diving once in the Caribbean and when I did I visited a coral reef 30 feet below the oceans' surface. The beauty was incredible! I want to go again!
~12. My favorite coffee table book is called " American Folk Painters of Three Centuries," by Jean Lipman and Tom Armstrong. It was given to me many years ago for my 26th birthday by a dear friend and lover.
~13. If the day has been bad, the only thing that takes the edge off is a shot of iced ABSOLUT Kurant vodka.
~14. My favorite CD of the moment is Paganini: After A Dream by Regina Carter.
~15. I try to live by the Four Agreements. I discovered them 3 years ago.
~16. Aliens are real and are living among us. I know...I have seen a ship.
~17. I think I am developing "blog addiction".
~18. I love Canada as well as the United States. I call both my home.
~19. My zodiac sign is LEO.
~20. Grief takes my breath away to the places of silence between breaths. I am there now.

~21. My passion is anthropology and I have the dream of floating down the Amazon River in a dugout canoe.
~22. I used to be very shy and introverted.
~23. My Spanish is fair, but I plan to study up to become fluent again.
~24. I was the one who wrote "butterball is a pig" on the blackboard in 6th grade resulting in the whole class getting detention.
~25. I have never felt loved by my mother due to a great divide that has been there since my birth.
~26. Baths are the only true way to wash and I take a tub bath every day!
~27. I spend a lot of money at Bath and Body Works.
~28. I have had an out of body experience and I was worried I would not get back into my body. It was hard to get back in.
~29. I have had a secret lover in the past--for many years.
~30. Out of my siblings, I am not the favorite child. I am clearly the outcast yet have always been the more responsible, more educated, more gainfully employed child of them all.

~31. Coke is my favorite soft drink.
~32. My worst date ever was the guy who went with me to my senior prom.
~33. Diamonds are my favorite gemstone.
~34. They say what comes around, goes around but I want to be there to see it happen to at least get a little satisfaction.
~35. The one who loves me the best is my child.
~36. I spend an hour every Christmas eve just watching the night sky and listening for sleigh bells with my child before packing her off to bed.
~37. Tinkerbell is my favorite Disney character.
~38. Writing is my secret passion and would love that to be my dream job.
~39. I love ice cream and milk products but they do not like me. Soymilk has become my friend.
~40. My goal for 2005 is to learn how to climb the climbing wall.

~41. When I lived in North Carolina my favorite place to go was the Eno River.
~42. Go shopping when all else fails...that is what I do.
~43. I play the violin and have been playing since the 4th grade.
~44. The Matrix is real. Do you think that is air you are breathing? I am trying to unplug.
~45. Shoes make my day. If I have on bad shoes, I will have a bad day.
~46. Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies. Clarice, is that you?
~47. I live for Halloween!
~48. Martha Stewart is my homemaking idol--Still. Will always be.
~49. Survivor is my favorite reality television show.
~50. Did I say I was a cat person? If not, I am a cat person.

~51. The two best performances I have seen in person in recent years has been "Lord of the Dance" and "Yanni." Before that it was "Sting Live."
~52. I went thru the punk rock phase for about 6 months in college and wore nothing but black leather, spikes and purple streaks in my hair.
~53. The book I am reading right now is The Da Vinci Code.
~54. B1 d- t- k- s+ u f+ i o++ x e- l c+ is my blogger code.
~55. The greatest joy in my life is my child.
~56. I want to be a contestant on Survivor.
~57. Last Easter, I ate ostrich eggs and alligator sausages for Easter breakfast.
~58. I am addicted to Starbuck's Java Chip Frappuccino's.
~60. A nice steaming cup of green tea is what I have every morning once I get to the office.

~61. The Four Agreements have made a lasting impression on my life.
~62. I am into Feng Shui..so much so I have a Zen garden at my desk at work.
~63. I love to buy lobster from the grocery store and cook it myself at home. Restaurant lobster is not as good.
~64. Oval diamonds are my favorite diamond shape.
~65. I eat whole garlic cloves and drink lemon water when I have a cold to cure it.
~66. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my weekend favorites to watch on DVD. Savvy?!
~67. I learned to swim in college.
~68. People tend to think I am aloof, but I am just a little shy, and am taking it all in before making any sort of outward demonstrations.
~69. When Miami Vice used to come on in the 1980's I was seriously in love with Don Johnson for many years.
~70. If I am lagging at work in the afternoon, nothing "perks" me up more than 5 chocolate covered expresso beans.

~71. People other than my immediate family(toxic) have treated me the best throughout my life.
~72. I have over 35 pairs of shoes.
~73. I have never been in an adult book store--too embarrassing--someone might see me.
~74. I can sew, cross stitch and paint--generally arts and crafty.
~75. I have never gotten over the crushing news that Santa was really my parents. My mother told me the summer of my 12th birthday. I have never forgiven her.
~76. The summer of my sophomore year in college, I participated in an archeological dig for colonial and Indian artifacts.
~77. The best time I ever had dancing was to Can't Touch This by M.C. Hammer. I had flown to the Bahamas for vacation to Paradise Island . I had on a formal, black strapless dress that had one sleeve. The front of the dress had a train that hung on the right side. I was doing the dance called the Chinese typewriter that MC Hammer used to do. My formal gown split in the back seam all the way to my butt. I had to go change into another formal and then I continued to party on!
~78. Sleeping naked is the most comfortable way for me to sleep.
~79. Gardening is one of my favorite ways to relax.
~80. I have 3 windchimes handing in my garden.

~81. I have a dreadful fear of the praying mantis. I was even attached by one once.
~82. My biggest disappointment came when I was in eighth grade. I was first chair violin and we were having a performance at the local auditorium. My mother refused to come to the performance to see me. That was one of my biggest accomplishments/performances in grade school.
~83. I danced ballet for many years and performed in The Nutcracker in the Teapot Scene for the city ballet company.
~84. I love to juice. I do not have the Jack Lalanne power juicer but mine is just as good!
~85. Fur is something I love. I have 3 stoles, a muskrat jacket, a fox cape and hat and a full length muskrat, mink and fox coat.
~86. I believe that angels have saved my life three times.
~87. Tae-Bo is my favorite exercise of the moment. I have every tape there is to have by Billy Blanks.
~89. I have met two celebrities in my lifetime: Dom DeLuise and Wally Kurth who plays Ned Ashton on General Hospital. I even have their autographs!
~90. My favorite fragrances are: Pleasures, Knowing, Picasso, Laila and White Witch.

~91. I own over 20 handbags with 5 of them being my favorite brand--Oroton.
~92. Peonies are my favorite flower.
~93. Oreo cookies are my favorite kind of cookie!
~94. The first alcoholic drink I ever had was the Sloe Gin Fizz.
~95. I truly believe that Howard Stern is the King of all Media! I do listen to him from time to time. He is good!
~96. My favorite place to go for touring in Canada is Goat Island and the Cave of the Winds Hurricane Deck.
~97. I have a tattoo of a rose on my left shoulder blade.
~98. My Sunday mornings are reserved for leisurely breakfasts, several cups of coffee and A Prairie Home Companion on NPR.
~99. Star Trek forever made me a lover of all things sci-fi!
~100. Most of the time I feel that I am on the cusp of greatness...that just around the next corner, the next hour, the next minute something is going to happen. I am in a constant state of anticipation.


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